Struggles of a Swimmer

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Chlorine water »»


when you’ve been swimming and water is in your ear


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Goes for swimming too!

Follow my new “The Haydens" blog.
For some of you who don’t know what  “The Haydens” is, it’s a blog of me and my boyfriend. I started it in February before our spring break. I was leaving for France for 11 days and it was first time we have been separated for more than a day. To ease the pain, I decided to make a post everyday I was gone and each post was scheduled to be posted at a specific time, so he would be able to see it. The post included a picture, note, and a memory or dream. I tried to focus on the good stuff instead of the bad. The day I left, I gave him the password to the Tumblr account and told him what to do. It also gave him the specific times the posts would appear. 
It ended up not only getting good feedback from him, but also other people. It encouraged me to continue our blog, but it was difficult to keep up with it on a different account, so to make it easier for me, I’ve decided to delete the original one (thehaydens23) and make it an additional blog to my personal one. 
Please follow and I promise to follow back:
Thank you so much
-Noelle Louise shoot-for-the-sun

Anonymous asked: But really you should post more, this blog is absolute perfection.

Aw, thanks!

I’ll definitely start posting more often!